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ESEA improvement

ESEA Idea’s

People often get into arguments about what constitutes progress. Some say that what others regard as progress is not progress at all. Some people evaluate progress in relation to their notion of an ideal gaming community , i.e. progress is defined as progress towards professional gaming. As you will see, I am not asserting this is what ESEA needs to do to achieve that goal. I am asserting what ESEA can do to achieve a better experience for the community I have been apart of for many years.

Each year there is only three ESEA LAN events to attend for teams which consists of a three month season and 1 month off time before LAN. Is there anyway we can push it into 4 seasons? Having one each quarter would be very good for the community and require teams to practice all season long.

Having a better venue for spectators would also make the events a highlight more in gaming.
IEM Holds their event in NY comic-con, IPL was in las vegas, ESEA should consider partnering with a big event to get more live spectators.

The LAN should have a big main stage with a projector. Doing that ESEA can consider selling tickets to spectators for the LAN finals. More live spectators is always a good thing and having a better venue would also increase online viewership as everyone loves a show.

More competition
The more competition in a gaming scene increases the activity of current players and increases the skill cap, also more players are drawn into a flourish community. While ESEA league is the premier place to be they need to expand above the players that are able to afford the premium and league fee, they need to expand above to new customers with enticing and fun events. It is the place to be if you want to be a top player for the games they have, but what about the semi-casual gamer.

I would love to see a ladder system in place that goes on all year long or at least a majority of the year. A good example of a ladder system is TeamWarfareLeague or TWL. It’s very simplistic but allows team to show up once in awhile to have a fun match. This also gives teams more serious practice outside of doing scrimmages. Also allows ESEA to give more prizes to teams and players, that would definitely entire more players to play.

In SC2 there are hundreds of cups or day only tournaments that happen for a relatively low amount of cash. That being said most of the big name players don’t participate but the mid tier to lower high tier do engage and play in them regularly. During the weekends ESEA needs to hold a day only cup. They can organize it a plethora of ways to better suite their niche market. Can be anyone can enter without premium but $5 a team imagine a hundred teams enter and the prize breakdown is 1st $200 2nd $100 3rd $50. ESEA would be getting a profit as well as more activity. Can also be a free to enter and top team walks away with the prize, no matter if it’s double or single elimination many teams would enter for the competition alone.

Ingame Display
In hopes of making things simpler why not be able to type .menu which pops up a screen which you can manage everything from match communications/scheduling, go onto ESEA forums, go onto ESEA market, Reply to .msg’s, and submit tickets or .Reports. As well it streamlines checking out PUG stats and .Players easier as it would all be neatly presented.

New UI for selecting maps, currently the number system seems that only the higher numbers get picked and sometimes players press wrong number. For when map choice comes up a new window pops open with a table 4x4 with image’s of each map and the name underneath. Instead of clicking a number you pick the map with your mouse in the browser.

Players can assign what time they plan on scrim on certain days so other teams that want to scrim against them can plan ahead of time also can set up a schedule ahead of time be agreeing to scrims ahead of time and having a pop up in ESEA client to remind you.

While there are many great statistics ESEA client provides, I do not think it is at the level some of the professional televised sports do. The breakdown of each little item on sports such as Football is quite amazing and we better statistics to fully understand a player’s role on the team.

It would be interesting to see the invite match up percentages, some of the invite teams have played each other multiple times over the course of years. We should have a statistic how each team has done throughout the years if X team or player has won 70% of the matches against the other team. Along with the percentage I would like to know what the average score of all matches between them and the actual score such as X team has won 10 matches and the other team has won 5 matches.

Economy is a big part of CSS and 1.6 it would be prudent to have a breakdown of what a team’s eco rounds actually accomplish. Have a statistic on how many Eco rounds a team does, do they win the round, how many eco kills were accomplished. To tell if it’s an eco round can set a perimeter of the team buys less than $4000 total between the team or something.

Having a clutch player is a detrimental thing to a team and can shift the entire focus of a match winning a 2v1 or 3v1 even. I want to be able to see a percentage of successful clutch scenarios. Player X attempted 2v1 and only had a success rate of 1/20 or  .05%, or Player X attempted 1v1 and had a success rate of 67% etc.

Now I get to the most important statistic I would want put into ESEA which for the most part should be very easy to do. I NEED a stat on the amount of entry kills a player gets, be nice to know who is making the picks for a team. Can total it up see which player gets the first frag or how many frags he gets before someone on your team dies. However ESEA wants to do it, having the knowledge who is making the picks for a team and who is peeking too much can be very good information.

Forum Moderation
In almost every single gaming community the forums are fairly moderated some greater than others. Riot Games moderates their forums quite well making sure it isn’t a “Giant Trollfest”. Other website sucks as Teamliquid are quite harsh even banning for little comments such as this.

I do think that ESEA forums need to be moderated in some degree. The excessive trolling is hurting our community more then it is entertaining.

For the majority of other gaming competitions they have every little thing streamed. In Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom they have at least 5-6 streamers going 24/7, weekly events streaming(Wednesday Night Fights, Team Spooky events), and all big events are streamed period. In LoL and SC2 they stream when they practice and all events are streamed period. In Valve FPS games though it is really rare for events to have any streams besides IEM and ESWC as far as I have seen.

ESEA needs to push the community into streaming as the revenue generated is great directly and indirectly. Companies such as and give 50% of ad revenue to some streamers and the more you stream it grows your loyal fanbase.

To further expand their network of sites a great move would to make ESEA TV, their own in-house production company and hire a few casters for each game. Set up a studio in their offices in New York.

They could cast their own matches every night for all the invite matches as long as there is no overlap in matches going on. They could also contract out their services and cast at other events.

Website Changes

Wikipedia or history page for players so people can know them more besides looking up history tab. That way it’s easier to look up the databases ingeneral then looking at each person and change each tab several times. has a really cool and easy option You are able to check out teams and players have the majority of their histories and some folk lore.

To get more news to the world about a team and increase the social standing of teams it would be a smart move to implement a system in which matches could be uploaded to facebook pages or twitter accounts. I know darth and the EZmoney crew would love to boost their egos more.

An option to favorite a thread or match or PUG and it saves onto your profile for other people to view as well as you can come back and read it at a later time with ease.

Favorite matches/threads/forum posts button and show them on their profile so you can look at them later

In the efforts of making players more known to the community and able to follow their exploits, an award tab for each player and team would make things better. Instead of players and teams putting in manually their past histories of wins within ESEA there could be a tab next to history or within history can see what players have done. Be able to see if they won an award for COTW, or for winning the top RWS in a pug, also what they did place X during X season and won X amount of money.

For Teams and players that are looking to make some additions ESEA should make it easier for people to find their ideal team by a matchmaking system. Just how knows if someone baught X product they will most likly want to be these other products. ESEA should develop a system to tell based on several characteristics and statistics what their ideal pair would be to make tryouts easier.

Facebook and twitter feeds on each team page would be a nice idea. You would be able to see recent tweets by your favorite teams instead of trying to track down each social media account. Also easier to figure if their matches are live or they streaming or whatever content they will post.

A follow team or player function can make traversing the website very simple. I was envisioning it how facebook does it when you follow a certain person you get an update stream of what has happened with them recently and can set what you want to be updated on. If someone is looking for a scrim that can go into your feed, match results, looking for players, looking for teams, changes in names, match going live, entering PUG ETC.

Be able to join a few more scrim teams would make everyone’s life a little bit easier and going to leave that one at that.

To make match location easier for teams have a page or part of the main player page set up as breakdown of average ping to each location so you can see what he does in each server location nice to know if Player X gets an average of 40 to LA and 96 to NY.

Chat Client system
Having mIRC built into the client would be a very good idea. Players would feel more willing to keep their clients running so they can talk with their friends etc. Blizzard implements chat channels that you can create, ESEA should do something the same. It would also be a great way to advertise deals for their sponsors, a message scroll across the chat every two hours or so. Can also follow team channels see what they are up to, also a great way to bring back a big piece of nostalgia #ProSource.

It could easily make finding scrims a bit easier that way teams can coordinate with each other basically talk about setting up a scrim later in the night against a prefered team. Having a chat system would just benefit the community period, there are too many aspects to think of that it would help.

Freebie accounts
In the hopes that more people would join the community, there needs to be a stepping stone for new players or inexperienced players to get into ESEA. No one really wants to wager having to pay $7 a month and not liking the overall experience. Newer players need that bridge and that’s where need to appeal to a gamer’s main concern, Money. Having a free account option would easily bring in public community players that I have heard over the years love finding scrims on mIRC or play in CEVO FREE but don’t know if they want to commit decent amount of money due to their time constraints. Having a free account they get access to all the forums client chat system can join scrim teams, but they can only do a limited number of pugs a week maybe 3-5 and can not play in any matches.

ESEA anonymity
The feeling of being anonymous online can be a rush to many. The ability to do things that you would not otherwise do. We need to get rid of this require players to put their full name and city state in their profiles make them feel accountable for what they say. We need the community to be closer and this is one step I think would greatly improve things. In top level in other gaming communities every player is pretty well known such as Starcraft2 they know entire histories of players and are able to relate to them more as a fan. It’s hard to do that in the ESEA community when no one knows who some of these new faces are in main and lower invite.

Thank you for hearing me out and please try to see this as a glass half full ideal. After speaking with Pauly for several hours, I feel you need to be in the mindset of improving. Please refrain from flaming.

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