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Thank you Prodo.

Now that our new movie by prodo is released ( We first want to really thank Antonio “Prodo” Isabella, he came in the clutch after weeks of talking to nerve, hoping the movie would be finished already his interests were completely gone in the project. This left us in a very bad spot trying to find a movie maker that can live up to our high expectations. Someone who didn’t try to make flashy effects and weird zoom in’s, someone that can make clean edit on great kills, someone that could showcase our teams abilities. After looking at many potential candidates we found Prodo, he worked very hard for us and managed to create a great product.

"Hey, I really enjoyed working with the zomblerz boys while creating this movie, it took awhile but I’m really happy of the results the movie had received. I’m sure people would have preferred nerve making this movie and thinking it would turn out better, but unfortunately he had lost interests in it, thankfully he helped out in the process of me making it though :}. I’m really glad all the boys at zomblerz liked the movie too, and would like to thank blackfoger for giving me this opportunity. I would also like to thank some people for helping out, including rona, heart, thedemovault, few for making the news post :>, and my boys at fragmonstas~~."
Antonio “Prodo” Isabella

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Also please give us some feedback on the film what can be done to make it better next time. How did it stand up against the first Zomblerz film?


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